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Marfa vol. I

I finally got around to editing the batch of exposures I captured from our Marfa trip. Here are some of the photos from our prep day and our drive to El Cosmico.

imageMom and I stayed in the whole day before that Sunday. We were preparing the food, since Lent had almost just started by that time, I needed some vegan camping foods. We stocked up on some snacks at Whole Foods, like nuts, nut butter packs, dried fruit, apples, plums, and oranges. Besides that, mom also decided to make some spanakopita rolls. They lasted us the whole trip.

imageMom made them from scratch. Of course, I didn’t really help out, I just goofed off on the sideline, watching her and gawking at them like a little kid while they baked. It reminded me of when yiayia used to make them, I could just stare at her, and her hands the entire time she made them.

imageWe also cooked some quinoa pasta, and sauteed some bell peppers, mushrooms and onions. To pair it with, we fried a lot of tofu, and brought fresh arugula to add to it, creating our own pasta salad. We did not go hungry. That’s for sure.

imageI also bought some packaged noodles, pilaf mixes, and ready to eat canned bean and couscous dinners. It really sustained me the whole while, and I didn’t have to worry about breaking my fast.

imageWe didn’t really anticipate how long the drive was. It feels like forever driving west in Texas, it’s never-ending it seems like. But, it’s totally worth it. We listened to music, took naps in shifts, and just marveled at the sights. It was my first time driving far. My first road trip where I actually drove, I’m really quite proud of myself for being able to manage to drive half way.

imageI’m so glad I got to do this with two of the most important people in my life. It was quite the journey, I’m not sure they enjoyed themselves as much as I did, but I loved it. It’s something I’ll never forget.

imageAfter a while you can’t help but feel like you’ve passed the same bush a hundred times. It starts to blend, but if you look away you might miss something. Like a big hill, a bird, a deer, cattle, flowers, anything. It’s beautiful.

imageI was drawn in. I was open to it. I longed for it. The seclusion, the temporary isolation, the silence. To get away from all of the distractions, and just be thankful for every single thing.

imageOur first night at El Cosmico, the camping ground right outside of Marfa, was spent in one of their teepees. It was furnished with a bed, a day bed, a couch, lighting, and a mattress heater. But, it was still very cold, Spring had yet to make it’s arrival. Though the perk with the cold was that we didn’t have to worry about critters, bugs, or snakes. Sleeping in the teepee was an experience I’ll never forget, waking up in the middle of the night and going outside to look at the stars, was magic.

Marfa vol. II

imageI set my alarm early so I could wake up before the sunrise. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, except, alive. I felt alive. It was cool out, the sky was clear with pastel colors, and the sun was hinting by the horizon.


imageAnd the sun, the sun was so welcomed. I felt as though I hadn’t seen a proper sunrise before. It felt fresh, it felt new. The dawning of this day had my full attention.

imageI put my fellow travelers up to a standard tourist portrait in front of our teepee.

imageWe moved into the Royal Mansion trailer later that second day of our stay. A very cool vintage trailer, decked out with all the necessities, a kitchen, a toilet, a bed, a day bed, fridge, outside shower.



imageWe went into town later that day to get lunch. We ended up sitting down at Future Shark, a cafe by the people of the infamous food truck, Food Shark.

imageCertainly, I had to take pictures of Eric while he was eating. Hence the facial expression.

imageVol. III of our road trip will be up tomorrow. The conclusion of our trip, where we enjoy our last day in Marfa.

Finally! This Sunday we take on the road to West Texas and Marfa. The CD player is jam packed [literally] with great music, so we’re good to go. Pictured is Liz Taylor doing her thing in between takes of ‘Giant’. The movie was shot in Marfa during the mid 50’s. Check out the final playlist on Spotify by hitting the link below. Enjoy!

Road trip [House/Disco/Groove Edition]

Life Is A Gamble Jesse Futerman
Intersection Breakbot
Hold Tight Shook
A Magical Day DJ Rocca
Twilight Maze
El Salvador Frank Booker
Universal Love Chewy Rubs
Rollercoaster Modjo
U Don’t Know Me Armand Van Helden
Come Back Home Al Kent (EP Edit)
Just Living Ben Sun
Close Your Eyes Miguel Migs (Shades Of Gray Dub)
Raw Cuts #6 Motor City Drum Ensemble
Shame Heion
Boots In The Pool DJ Day
My House Tyson Ballard
Horizon Grooveman Spot
For The Very First Time HNNY
Monster Box Jayson Brothers
Paradise Architects Theo Parrish
Raw Cuts #5 Motor City Drum Ensemble
Take Me Or Leave LTJ Experience
You Ought To Be Dancin’ Rayko (Get Down Edits)
I Want You You You Waze & Odyssey
Gymnastics HNNY
Downtown DJ Rocca
Still Going Theme Still Going
The Calling Black Van
Sacrifice Simian Mobile Disco & Bicep
Dance, Yeah How Waze & Odyssey
Serious 78 Edits
Mellow Mellow Heels Of Love
Deviate Manuel Tur & DPlay
Heaven Matthew Larkin Cassell (Bosq & Kon Remix)
He’s Alive Michael Soward & Shelby Hurns (DJ Kon edit)
Can’t Stop Qwestlife (Yam Who? Remix)
Raw Cuts #3 Motor City Drum Ensemble
See The Stars Yam Who? ft. Andre Espeut